There are mul­ti­ple ways to write an app in Python. How­ev­er, not all of them pro­vide your users with the best ex­pe­ri­ence.

One of the prob­lems some peo­ple en­counter is writ­ing launch scripts. The best way to han­dle this is the En­try Points mech­a­nism of Se­tup­tool­s, and a __­ file. It’s quite easy to im­ple­men­t. If you’re in­ter­est­ed, read on to learn more!


I re­cent­ly got a brand new smart­phone. I had — pret­ty much — the world’s worst An­droid phone be­fore. The new phone is much more up­-­to-­date and mod­ern. How bad was its pre­de­ces­sor? Well, I’ll be hap­py to tell you!

In a soap opera se­ries. Haven’t done a se­ries since 2010 (and I trashed that one). I al­so haven’t blogged in Pol­ish for quite long (s­ince 2011, to be pre­cise). This is a change in both re­gard­s.

There is cur­rent­ly no sched­ule (and no fi­nal­ized con­tent), but the posts in the series are:

  1. Speek­er — my lit­tle An­droid app
  2. The Four Pieces of An­droid, or why is it so frag­ment­ed
  3. The An­dro-Cheap­o-­Phone
  4. “A <man­u­fac­tur­er> <mod­el>, Sub­si­dized by <car­ri­er>
  5. Touch­Wiz makes no Sense: why OEM skins are evil
  6. One Sys­tem Fits Al­l: Scal­ing in An­droid

The list of posts might be ex­tend­ed.

I’ve been busy, but I now have time to write about it: in a bit over one mon­th, Mi­crosoft sold 40,000,000 li­cens­es of Mi­cro­soft Win­dows. That is a lit­tle bit above, hm­m, noth­ing.