An AUR helper (and library) in Python 3.


Status Mature
Language Python
License 3-clause BSD
Role Maintainer

PKGBUILDer is an AUR helper. It is used to build packages from the Arch User Repository. PKGBUILDer automates the process and provides a command-line user interface.

There are two executables: pkgbuilder to run the main mode, which builds AUR packages and also ABS packages (instead of downloading ready-made binaries) and pb which builds AUR packages and downloads binary packages from the repos (calls pacman). The user interface to both mimics pacman and makepkg as close as possible.

PKGBUILDer’s main guideline is “the user knows what they are doing” — no unnecessary questions are asked. By typing in a pkgbuilder command, the user trusts the PKGBUILD file (we hope you read it). This allows us to be very fast.

PKGBUILDer also implements the most modern techniques available, including handling AUR package upgrades in a single HTTP request instead of hundreds or even thousands of them, depending on how many packages you have installed.

PKGBUILDer should be installed from the AUR itself, by installing the pkgbuilder package:

tar -xzvf pkgbuilder
cd pkgbuilder
makepkg -si