Terminal Think Music: for when it takes too long to do something.


Status Mature
Language Python
License 3-clause BSD
Role Maintainer

Are you executing a process that takes a long time? Do you want to know that it’s still working while you are in another terminal/making coffee? Do you have a favorite game show tune to play while doing something?

If yes: think is just for you.


You can install think from PyPI (with pip install think). Arch Linux users can install the think package from the AUR.


Create a file named ~/.config/think.conf (or wherever your XDG_CONFIG_HOME is) with the following four lines:

command = play
file = /home/kwpolska/Dropbox/Media/Wielka Gra.mp3
behavior = wait
  • command is the command of the player that will be executed. You can use play (from sox) or any other fast CLI music player.

  • file is the filename that will be given as the sole argument to the play command. No escaping is necessary. I’m using the Wielka Gra theme, Americans might want Jeopardy! Think Music (also the namesake for this command), Brits might want the Countdown theme.

  • behavior can be one of:

    • return — return control to the terminal as soon as the program finishes, without stopping the music

    • wait — wait until music stops before returning control

    • stop — stop the music and return control immediately


Prepend think before the command that takes too long to execute:

think sleep 120

See also: nap — sleep with a progressbar