Two posts for the price of one, right after the break. What’s funny is, both are out of date, as this blog has went through Hyde and is currently powered by Nikola.

“Jekyll, Welcome Home.”, December 12th, 2010

The Kw’s Blog was redone. The old blog was run by WordPress, Constructor theme and XHTML posts. Now, I’m using Jekyll and Markdown posts. That’s better. All the content was imported and converted to Markdown (except for 3 posts, they are available in HTML forms). You can see a comparison of Jekyll and WordPress posts).

And even better: you can see “this” instead of "this" (currently only in this post, it will not be added into older ones).

“OMG I WROTE SOMETHING”, December 11th, 2010

This is a jekyll post. I can use Markdown. You cannot. And for the sake of it, I imported the old blog entries. I had to modify them A LOT. I hope everything will work fine.