Steven Sinofsky said goodbye to Microsoft on Monday. Who is he, may you ask? The guy that provided us with entertainment for the last few months here. He was responsible for creating this beautiful piece of shit that is Windows 8. So, he fucked shit up and quit. Marvellous.

So, bye Steve, and have fun fucking shit up somewhere else. Maybe Scheißung, um, Samsung?

Windows 8 Logo.
Windows 8 Logo

Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview on Friday, June 1st. And I just wanted to start a game playthrough on Sunday. Wish me luck, as I want to do both ASAP. Here we go again!

Notice: Please read A Look at Windows 8 Consumer Preview first.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s Logo
Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s Logo, from the Setup wizard (for older Windows versions)

As I said at the end of the logo rant, I reviewed Windows 8. The third part of the <del>Twilight</del> Windows 8 saga, and the biggest one. I am going to post more stuff about it in the future, but here it is: the Kwpolska Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review. Enjoy.