Yesterday, I officially decided to get PKGBUILDer a life.

Have some copypaste from reddit (/r/archlinux):

I decided to share my AUR helper with the /r/archlinux community. There is a bazillion of them, but none of them fit my needs in terms of speed and usability.

The actual development of PKGBUILDer started at the end of August 2011, and it has improved greatly since then. I just released Although the numbering started at 2.0, because 1.0 is the version number for the original Perl “script” (rewritten in 10 lines of Bash). Since then, nearly every line changed in some way. I did not make too many public announcements, though, since I believed that it was not quite ready for that. was a release which was neatly ready for prime time. With help of fosskers (the guy behind aura, another AUR helper, that was also announced here lately), I fixed the last bugs, added downgrade functionalities and I think I got it right this time.

PKGBUILDer is an AUR helper with many useful features. They include:

  • pb wrapper for pacman and PKGBUILDer (-Shv are taken and worked with, everything else is dropped down to pacman)
  • pacman-style output (-S flag activates)
  • translations support (looking for translators, the docs contain a guide)
  • user-friendly
  • no useless questions, it b
  • very, VERY fast (AUR) -[Sy]u
  • AUR downgrade warnings with -[Sy]u
  • Python 3 + pyalpm, meaning everything is using a nice library rather than cheap pacman calls. (I do call makepkg though, but I cannot do anything else. I also ask the shell to take the dependencies out, because (ba)sh is too complex to be parsed by other things)

I’d love to see some comments, hints and contributions. Thanks in advance!


Now, let’s get further.

Comparison with other helpers

(requested by untitaker on reddit)

Feature yaourt packer cower PKGBUILDer aura
Written in bash bash C Python 3 Haskell
Repository support yes yes no yes (pb) yes
Dependency support yes yes yes yes yes
Questions asked (total) many many none one some
Speed slow slow fast fast medium
-Syu speed slow slow fast ultra fast slow
Philosophy 1 2 3 4 5
User must think? no no yes twice yes
Additional features none? none? none downgrade 6
Chances to break tomorrow[^7] high high low low high
Human friendliness high high low ultra high medium
Output prettiness high high low high high
  1. pacman with AUR support.
  2. pacman with AUR support.
  3. AUR support, just hinting at stuff, don’t do everything for the user.
  4. AUR support, but with doing stuff for the user., pb = pacman with AUR support.
  5. pacman + AUR support, but the AUR is separate from everything else.
  6. logs, orphans, downgrades, unicorns.
  7. …if pacman devs change something in the ouptut.

How do I get it?


wget http://kwpolska.github.com/pb.py python3 pb.py

Or, using your favourite AUR helper, install pkgbuilder (and the deps, python-requests and python-certify)