Posts about android


I recently got a brand new smartphone. I had — pretty much — the world’s worst Android phone before. The new phone is much more up-to-date and modern. How bad was its predecessor? Well, I’ll be happy to tell you!

In a soap opera series. Haven’t done a series since 2010 (and I trashed that one). I also haven’t blogged in Polish for quite long (since 2011, to be precise). This is a change in both regards.

There is currently no schedule (and no finalized content), but the posts in the series are:

  1. Speeker — my little Android app

  2. BONUS: Inbox (by Google) Review

  3. The Four Pieces of Android, or why is it so fragmented

  4. The Andro-Cheapo-Phone

  5. “A <manufacturer> <model>, Subsidized by <carrier>

  6. TouchWiz makes no Sense: why OEM skins are evil

  7. One System Fits All: Scaling in Android

The list of posts might be extended.